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As a founding signatory of the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY coalition, the Mothers’ Union is actively calling for urgent political change in the areas of trade, debt and aid. Our policy demands are: AIDS orphans in Lusaka


  • Fight to ensure poorer countries are free to choose the best solutions to end poverty and protect the environment.

  • End export subsidies that damage poor communities.

  • Make laws to prevent big business profiting at the expense of people and the environment


  • The debts of the world’s poorest countries should be cancelled in full, by fair and transparent means.


  • International donors must deliver $50 billion more in aid each year and set out a timetable for providing 0.7% of national income for international aid.

  • Aid needs to be made to work more effectively for the world’s poorest.

Members from the Diocese of Lincoln will be showing they are passionate about tackling world poverty byMU tackling poverty logo

  • Visiting their local churches, schools and youth groups to talk about the campaign and what the Mothers' Union do to help tackle these issues.

  • Encouraging their friends to make their feelings felt by joining them in various activities.


The Mothers' Union have produced a wealth of resources for you to use. Follow the links to download the Mothers' Union MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY files:

  • Our Action Plan gives you ideas to use in personal and corporate worship, to make your voice heard by governments, God and your community.

  • Our Policy Demands detailing what  the Mothers' Union want governments to do to tackle poverty.

  • Our Worship Resources to help you develop services and prayer meetings to suit all age groups.

  • A selection of alternative Bible Readings for the Global Week of Action on Trade Justice which can also be used at any other time you are concentrating on tackling poverty through this campaign.

  • Our Biblical study notes on Advocacy and Faith to stimulate discussion groups as to why as Christians we should take action to tackle poverty. This includes a draft 5 minute talk you can use to introduce the campaign to any group you speak to.

  • Our study notes on Poverty, Inequality and Justice showing why and how Jesus teaches us to respond.

  • The Millennium Development Goals - and statistics showing the world's failure to achieve them!

  • Background statistics and information on why the Mothers’ Union is a founding signatory of the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaign.

  • The String Game is a great way to introduce any group to the issues of poverty in developing countries. 

Learn more about the breadth of work done by the Mothers' Union in Lincoln Diocese.

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