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Mothers' Union at both diocesan and branch levels must comply with certain regulations regarding the raising and use of money for the charity. In particular Regulation 12 of the central constitution of Mothers’ Union must be followed.

Regulation 12, What and Why ?

Regulation 12 – is the part of the central constitution that sets out what Mothers’ Union (particularly branches) can raise and use money for (replaces Regulation 13 in the old constitution). As the Diocesan Mothers’ Union and branches are all affiliated with Mary Sumner House, we have to agree to comply with this regulation.

• Part of the central constitution that sets out what Mothers' Union (particularly branches) can raise and use money for (was Reg. 13 under previous constitution)
• By affiliating, diocesan Mothers' Union s agree to comply with it.

Why do we have Regulation 12?

• Registered charities must have specific aim and objects by law
• Must only use money in pursuit of their aims
• Trustees are personally responsible for their charities
• Reg. 12 protects Trustees if branches get it wrong

What’s the problem?

• Branch perceptions of their status
• Forget they are part of the Diocesan Mothers' Union • Think of themselves as part of the parish church
• Compare themselves with Wives Group etc who have different aims and object (if they are charities at all)

What does Regulation 12 say?

“Subject to the Aim, Purpose and Objects of the Society a Mothers’ Union branch may support the needs of its own parish, but may not be used as a channel for charitable appeals on behalf of other organisations, nor shall money be allocated to them from any Mothers’ Union branch, deanery or diocesan funds, without the sanction of the Diocesan President who shall take advice from the Chief Executive on the legality of the proposed allocation. For the avoidance of doubt no part of the charitable funds of the Society nor of any Mothers’ Union branch, deanery or diocesan organisation shall be donated for a purpose that is not charitable in law”.

What is a branch allowed to do?

• Support the needs of the parish
• Not just the parish church necessarily
• Must satisfy the Aim and Objects
• Must be for a charitable purpose, not just a good cause

Needs of the parish

Examples of things that are okay
• Paying for a speaker to promote Christian marriage in a debate (object 1)
• Buying Gospels for the newly baptised (object 2)
• Helping church to run Mother and Toddler Group (object 3)
• Helping church to run a Drop in Centre (object 5)

Not okay
• Paying for heating of the church (except where it’s in lieu of rent)
• Raising funds to repair the church roof
• Raising money for repairs to church property
• Raising funds for new equipment

• As individuals members of the Mothers’ Union can of course support other charities
• But not as the Mothers’ Union.

Can they do things outside the parish?

• Yes
• Must meet aims and objects
• Must have approval of the DP (as a representative of all the Trustees)
• DP responsible for checking with the CEO

Key Points to Consider Before You Call the DP

Object 5 must still meet the Aim of the Society
• The purpose must be charitable, not just a good cause

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