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Now Clusters 9. Hollands, 10. Elloe East and 11. Elloe West.  See Cluster Overview for details.

The market town of Boston with its modest docks and Spalding the home of the worldwide known Tulip Festival are the two main settlements in this area.

This fenland region is bounded in the east by "The Wash" and is a rural district. The decline in agricultural work has brought about the necessity for diversification in the industry. There are thriving horticultural occupations, busy garden centres, mixed
business premises and wildlife sanctuaries springing up.

There is a great movement of population to the area with young families and many retired people. Migrant workers are moving in to work in the fields.

Our Mothers' Union members are spread widely over the region being active in their own communities, deaneries and area with project work, prayer, supporting Women's Aid and family life, especially work with children. We also give support to worldwide activities.

This area has four deaneries, East Elloe, West Elloe, Holland East and Holland West. The most northerly branch is Friskney and Wrangle and the most southerly being Holbeach.

Each branch has their own programmes and some Deaneries have projects. The four deanery leaders and the Area President work together organising events for all to share.

Our Area has started an initiative scheme working alongside Rev. David de Verney, Chaplain to Migrant workers, in educationg and helping people to understand migrant workers.

There are a massive number of migrant workers present in our area. Aims of the Area include development in toleration and relationships. Leaflets and communication are developing pleasingly.

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